Who we are

Strong of ten years of work experience, in 2002 Claudia Tripiciano decides to exploit her language skills and her competence in TV production by founding Promedia.

Since then Promedia assists Japanese networks in the production of documentaries, news, sports reports and other, in Italy and in Europe.

While working primarily with Japanese television networks, Promedia also has several partnerships with broadcasters from Australia and U.S..
Promedia has an internal staff of Japanese and Italian nationality, and also external consultants with proven experience .
Our team consists of multi-lingual staff that can handle large-scale projects internationally.

Thanks to a network of contacts created in over 20 years of experience we are able to offer our customers the best solutions for successfully carrying out projects in television and beyond.
Our long experience in the field of news has been, and continues to be, an excellent practice to hone the responsiveness of our team who is now trained to better manage the demands of our customers.

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